The current sponsors are ORP, StandardAnswer, Rickard Bikes.

ORP is in search of co-sponsorship to help offset the costs of fielding a highly skilled, well-trained, National caliber BMX team. Our racers compete in races all over the state, as well as American Bicycle Association (ABA) races all across the nation.

Since BMX is one of the largest growing sports in the US, with over 60,000 members in the ABA, your company has the opportunity to be advertised all across the United States. National races attract thousands of spectators and racers. The weekly, local exposure is outstanding as well because there are seven BMX tracks in the greater Houston area, with our riders having the opportunity to race up to six days a week.

Last year our riders competed in an average of 1 national per month. In between national races were multiple, state championship, double points, and Gold Cup qualifier races all of which were team sanctioned events. Entry fee’s for events range from $10 for a local race to $45 for a national race. Some of our riders compete in multiple-classes (class, open cruiser). A weekend at a national could cost hundreds of dollars in entry fee’s alone, never mind travel expenses. Our goal is to pay entry fees, help with travel expenses, as well as provide some uniforms and equipment. We also would like to be able to reward outstanding performance, on and off the track.

The chance for families to be together and for kids to be able to learn to compete and develop self-esteem is our strongest motivation. For your participation in our team’s effort, we will be offering opportunities for your company’s name to appear on our team’s web-site, with a link to your company’s web-site, and our team banner. The most generous co-sponsor has the opportunity to appear on our team’s jersey.

Level One
$500-$1000 range

Your name/logo advertised on the team web site.

Level Two
$1000 up

All of the above with links to your company’s web site, and your name on the team banner which will be displayed at all races.

Level Three
$2500 up

All of the above, plus your company’s name on the team tent used at all races.

Level Four
$5000 up

All of the above, plus your company’s name on the team trailer and jersey.

Level Five

This level of co-sponsorship will be rewarded to the most generous contributor. It will include all of the above privileges, plus the right to appear on the team’s jersey as a title-co-sponsor. Any mention of the team will include this co-sponsors name (team ORP/XYZ)

All co-sponsors will receive a quarterly newsletter to keep everyone informed of recent race results as well as plans for future reaces and pictures from team events. Again, all contributions are greatly appreciated, no matter what the amount and you are cordially invited to com and race with us.