About ORP

Team ORP is a Bicycle Moto-cross Racing Team. Members ride and race to help promote cycling as a "lifetime" sport and a positive means to teach kids to work hard in School, in their sport, and to say NO to Drugs, Gangs, and Violence. The team works collectively to motivate and support members at team races allowing riders to develop a sense of belonging, as well as a healthy self-esteem. ORP works to promote and encourage skill development and a love of competition through BMX, while teaching team members to be leaders in school, in the community and on the track.

ORPBMX | Co-Sponsorship

The current sponsors are ORP, StandardAnswer BMXSystems.comMMRSurplus.comTroyLeeDesignsGoldsGym.com, Rickard Bikes.

ORP is in search of co-sponsorship to help offset the costs of fielding a highly skilled, well-trained, National caliber BMX team. Our racers compete in races all over the state, as well as American Bicycle Association (ABA) races all across the nation.

Since BMX is one of the largest growing sports in the US, with over 60,000 members in the ABA, your company has the opportunity to be advertised all across the United States. National races attract thousands of spectators and racers. The weekly, local exposure is outstanding as well because there are seven BMX tracks in the greater Houston area, with our riders having the opportunity to race up to six days a week.

ORPBMX | Team Facts


The team, which was founded in 1986, consists of boys and girls, ages 3 and up, from Novices to Pros.

We are a bike shop team affiliated with Off Road Peddler located in west Houston. We are currently number 3 nationally. We compete both locally and nationally. Our goal is to maintain a national top five standing.

We have two A-Pros and many up and coming Expert Riders.

Our riders compete in hundreds of races each year Last year we won 4 Gold Cup Championships, 12 National Age Group top ten in the ABA..

Team bikes are built at ORP by Chris Rickard.

The team has approx. 50 team members all in Texas (Houston, Katy, Pearland, Conroe, Woodlands, Magnolia, Austin, San Antonio)