ORPBMX is Houston's number one high end, specialty BMX parts store, that services all bikes. Besides having a full range of bikes to choose from, that are ready to go, we build the highest level of complete custom bikes and custom rims in texas. All of our builds utilize the most reliable yet innovative techniques for incredibly precise builds that stay dialed in for years to come. In addition, we carry all of the latest highend product lines to completely accessorize any custom bike build. So stop in, and check us out.


Team ORP is a Houston, Texas, Bicycle Motocross Racing Team. Team ORP has been around since1998, placing 2nd in the nation several years ago. Members ride and race to help promote cycling as a "lifetime" sport and a positive means to teach kids to work hard in school, in their sport, and to stay healthy and productive. The team works collectively to motivate and support members at team races, allowing riders to develop a sense of belonging, as well as a healthy self esteem. ORP works to promote and encourage skill development and a love of competition through BMX, while teaching team members to be leaders in school, in the community, and on the track.

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The majority of costumers come in for fast service or a set of custom built rims, but ORP is mostly known for world class custom bike buildsbikes that will stay dialed in, stay in working condition for many years, and require minimal servicing. World champion racers come from around the United States to have their bikes built and serviced at ORPBMX, where customizations can be tailored for any age or level of rider. ORPBMX builds anything ranging from freestyle to cruiser to mountain bikes to road bikes to, of course, BMX, and anything in between. ORP is also the place to get your hubs worked on, specifically Chris King Hubs. The Off Road Peddler is a staple of the Houston bike scene, dedicated to all bike enthusiasts, with a store in the same location for more than 24 years, owned and operated by the Rickard family since 1985.


ORP frequently goes to KatyBMX | KatyBMX Tumbler Blog & Anthill dirt jumping course, catch us when we ride.

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